Leona Laurie: Social Media Personal Trainer

Some of my dearest friends (and clients) are personal trainers. I’ve worked with them on and off over the years, and during our breaks I always imagine that I can work out just as well without help. Every time I try this, I am more deeply impressed with the value of the service personal trainers provide. Sure, I *can* work out […]

Checklist: Time for a website update?

For a lot of people, getting a website up is such an intensely laborious feat that when they’re done and the site is live, they are relieved to walk away from it and consider the job DONE. Unfortunately, that’s not how the internet works. The technology available with which to build websites, the options available […]

Key Influencers and Gatekeepers

If you aren’t in marketing, there’s a chance you’ve never thought about what key influencers are or how to get them to talk about you, your product, your cause, etc. When you are in marketing, though, these folks are the brass rings that everyone is trying to grab. This makes sense, because having one of […]

I don’t need permission or validation to pursue my interests

One of the revelations I’ve had since I decided to pursue writing in earnest is that I don’t need permission or validation to pursue my interests. To some, this may seem obvious to the point of boring, but for me it was like a lightbulb coming on. I’m not talking about interests like roller skating […]

Looking back, and feeling optimistic

For the past several months, I’ve been immersed in researching the early 20th century for a writing project. The most difficult thing about this research is making an emotional connection to a time that seems so completely different from my own– a time before the telephone had gone mainstream, before radio and television, when the […]

Split Testing: 3 Tricks to Try on Your Blog

(Adapted from my upcoming book, “Blogging with Purpose.”) Split testing is one way to see how a certain idea or concept will best attract traffic to your blog and engage your audience. There are a few ways you can approach this, and here are three to try: A/B Title Testing. Try publishing one post more than […]

5 Easy Hacks for Better Video Conferencing

Whether you work from home or not, you’re probably using video conferencing in some aspect of your professional life. Personally, I use it for a mix of trainings and meetings I lead, meetings I attend and professional development opportunities offered by others. The more time I spend on camera and observing others on camera, the more […]

A Shot of Career Adrenaline from Network Marketing

I signed up as an independent contractor with a network marketing company to support a friend. I’d been resisting pitches to get involved with Multi-Level-Marketing, or Network Marketing, companies most of my adult life, but the incentive of getting a decent discount on skin care products I actually liked softened my resolve last August. Originally, my […]

The Currency of Appreciation in Business

I suspect you’ve heard that lack of appreciation is a top reason for people leaving marriages. (If not, Google “marriage+appreciation” for more articles including this fact than you’ll have time to read in a lifetime.) And perhaps you’re familiar with Dale Carnegie’s number one principle for being a leader- “Begin with praise and honest appreciation.” […]

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