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A Shot of Career Adrenaline from Network Marketing

I signed up as an independent contractor with a network marketing company to support a friend. I’d been resisting pitches to get involved with Multi-Level-Marketing, or Network Marketing, companies most of my adult life, but the incentive of getting a decent discount on skin care products I actually liked softened my resolve last August. Originally, my […]

professional appreciation

The Currency of Appreciation in Business

I suspect you’ve heard that lack of appreciation is a top reason for people leaving marriages. (If not, Google “marriage+appreciation” for more articles including this fact than you’ll have time to read in a lifetime.) And perhaps you’re familiar with Dale Carnegie’s number one principle for being a leader- “Begin with praise and honest appreciation.” […]


I did a webinar on monetizing your web presence for Megatrax!

Are you interested in monetizing your web presence?


Just Launched:

I’m so excited to get to share another site I’ve been working on, which launched this week: the new


Just Updated:

I’m so excited to get to share the new!

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Imagining a Target Audience in Practice: A Sample from Kendra Cannoy

Thank you to Kendra Cannoy for doing the target audience exercise I outlined!


Just Updated: Pacific Health Perspectives (formerly CS in SoCal)

I’m so excited to get to share another site I’ve been working on, which launched this week: the new Pacific Health Perspectives. This sleek and professional site, like mine, is built in WordPress, which means it’s extremely user friendly and works great as a blog or as a portfolio. If you’re looking for a new website […]


Best Practices for Republishing Someone Else’s Work

Here’s my guide for republishing someone else’s work.


“Burning” for Feedburner: A Guest Post from Susan Spears

Susan Spears talks about how they get the most out of offering an email subscription option for their blog.

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Responding to Criticism on a Blog or Social Media

What can you do when someone is unkind in your space?