Do This One Thing: Be Consistent!

I spend a lot of time harping on the importance of consistency in the strategic growth of a blog or online presence. If you’re just here to have fun, you can do pretty much whatever you want. But if you’re trying to make something happen with your blog/podcast/tweeting/etc., you have to be consistent!

Being consistent means meeting the expectations you’ve set– and/or the expectations set by your medium. If you set an expectation that you’ll be sporadic, then that’s the expectation you need to meet consistently. If you tell people they can expect new content from you at a certain time on certain days, you need to adhere to that schedule consistently. If you’re entering an established medium where the existing audience has already developed expectations, you need to consider them.

Every now and then I enjoy a moment of teacher bliss when someone I’ve lectured on any of the topics I’m excited about demonstrates that I’ve gotten my message across, and this happened a few days ago with a friend of mine. I asked if he had any ideas for topics for my blog, and he enthusiastically said “YES!” Then he vented for quite a while about how Norm MacDonald’s podcast is a constant source of frustration because of its many technical inconsistencies, whereas Joe Rogan’s podcast is doing everything right.

Apparently, my friend has been thwarted repeatedly in his attempts to view comedian Norm MacDonald‘s podcast because it was “processing” instead of being available to view immediately after the live stream. He’s had trouble finding the new episodes on the Video Podcast Network, and he’s disappointed that the episodes get edited and cleaned up after the live feed, leaving a more subdued version for fans who tune in late.

In contrast to this, Joe Rogan‘s podcast is immediately available after the live show with any (authentic) warts of the live feed intact.

I feel my friend’s pain. The podcasting world has set certain expectations, and Norm MacDonald isn’t adhering to them. For my friend, a rabid Norm MacDonald fan, this is a source of frustration that hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for Norm or deterred him from ultimately finding and viewing the podcasts. For a less-invested person, though, this kind of inconsistency could result in him/her giving up and moving on.

So: Be consistent!

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