I’m going to “Write Free,” and you should, too!

I just ordered a copy of my friend Jordan Rosenfeld‘s book, co-authored with Rebecca Lawton, “Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life,” and I can not wait for it to arrive! Here’s what the book has to say for itself:

Equal parts writer’s workshop and spiritual journey, this open-hearted guide will show you how to attain and sustain the creative life you desire. Based on a time-tested principle and using methods pioneered by the authors, Write Free provides a wealth of inspiration, advice, and activities. Exploring how we attract the conditions and events in our lives, Write Free is an invaluable aid for writers, creative souls, and others who want to envision and achieve the inspired life of their dreams.

write freeAnd here’s a snippet from one of the reviews featured on Amazon:

‘Welcome fellow writer and artistic soul!’ That’s how co-author Jordan E. Rosenfeld starts the introduction to Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life, written together with Rebecca Lawton. Rosenfeld, a contributing editor to Writer’s Digest and a book reviewer for KQED, among other things, goes on to write, ‘You have the power of persuasion: the means to move, transform and reach those who come in contact with your words and your art.’ Lawton, a geologist, river guide, writing guide and Sonoma author describes Write Free as a ‘guide to allowing in your creativity.’ The words Lawton and Rosenfeld spread across these pages are both deeply personal and inspirational. Write Free is a real account of how the two writers used the law of attraction to make their lives a mirror of their thoughts and feelings. The books describes the methods they used to achieve their desires and teaches us how to attract the creative life we want. Rosenfeld writes, ‘Just as you create worlds, images, essays, and stories, you can create the artist’s life you dream of with just as much pleasure and delight.’ Part of the process, they emphasize, is understanding the importance of clearing the clutter. ‘Keep only those entities that serve you now,’ they write, asking us to look at the material possessions filling our lives and decide if they serve us, if they bring out good feelings or feelings of disappointment and failure. Write Free insists that we get in touch with our feelings, focus on what we want and recognize that through writing, we can make space for our creative life and desires. — Christopher Oscar —Sonoma magazine, spring 2008

If this piques your interest the way it did mine, I hope you’ll visit Jordan’s site and order a copy now!

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