Should I use it? Pagemodo for Facebook

I’ve been helping some folks develop their social media strategies recently in advance of site launches, and one of the tools I’ve started recommending is Pagemodo.

Pagemodo makes it easy to create a dedicated landing page on your Facebook Page. (Click here to see examples of this.) They also have a platform for sending your Facebook & Twitter updates, and at-a-glance, I really prefer their interface to HootSuite‘s for that purpose.

You might be wondering: “Do I need a dedicated landing page?” Maybe! Here are some situations in which I’d probably say yes:

  1. You’re promoting an upcoming product/website launch.
  2. You’re promoting an upcoming event.
  3. You’re running a contest.
  4. You’re using a Facebook ad to generate Likes, but would like to see those folks continue to your main site.

Facebook ads are great at driving traffic to places on Facebook, but not as great at sending traffic off-site. A good-looking landing page might make the difference in getting people who get to your page to continue to your website.

Pagemodo is having a sale right now, so today would be a great time to look into them if this is something you’re interested in. For the discounted rate of $3.75/mo, you can access the basic tools. For a discounted rate of $7.95/mo, you also get access to pro templates, which should make your landing page creation easier. And if you’re interested but not ready to spend money, they do have a free option.

Check it out now, and please let me know in the comments if you’re giving it a try!

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